Testimonial by Yasnozor Globin

Yasnozor GlobinGood and happy day to everyone! My name is Yasnozor Globin and I am a leader of the group of Professional Peace-Creators for Ukraine. I was born in 1962, my home town is Sumy in Ukraine. I studied teaching and training at a higher education institution for a few years.

In 1997 I had experienced a clinical death and somehow it happened that I also had an experience of a higher state of consciousness – some state of enlightenment or pure consciousness. Many years after that I was looking for ways to have this experience again with the help of different meditative practices and yoga. I had tried many of them and only Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation technique gave this effect again and brought satisfaction to me. I felt connected to the source of thought – the unified field of all possibilities. I have now a deeper understanding of our human potential which is infinite. After that, on the level of intellectual understanding of my personal experience, I have realized the great promises of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to ignorant humanity. And I started to work on the implementation of Maharishi Effect in the territory of Ukraine.

In 1999 I started to practice the TM-Sidhi program. I had always wanted to do something great in my life, as I was feeling that I had a high destiny. After the clinical death experience and the growth of Self-development through the system of Maharishi, I discovered my own ability to see the essence of things. In 2014 I had met my like-minded friend, Ruslan Skorokhod who was one of the partners at the Transcendental Meditation Center in Kiev at that time. Ruslan gave me the impetus to start a big coherence-creating group in Kiev. We had decided to develop the project jointly, combining our efforts because our goals had matched.

The meaning of my life is focused on one goal – to create a group of people seeking to pursue harmony and consensus – that is the essence of this project to establish an Army of World Peace, developed in collaboration with a group of like-minded people under the leadership of Raja Kingsley Brooks.

I am convinced that practicing Maharishi’s techniques helps to reach highest states of consciousness in a short time. Implementation of higher states of consciousness in the group practice will enable to harmonize all processes in the nation of Ukraine. I have a complete vision of how to put a peace-creating group together and achieve goals. We need only some finances to support the process and also the full support from Raja Kingsley’s side.

Already we are operating a small experimental group among a local Slavic native faith organization of Vedic tradition who are interested to achieve peace and prosperity using the technologies of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

It was just a brief summary. I am ready to give a presentation on the Army of World Peace project at any level and to any audience.

With respect,

Yasnozor Globin