Project A:  Establishing a group of 700 Professional Peace-Creators (PPC) for Ukraine— Goal:  To establish, train, and maintain a permanent group of 700 Professional Peace-Creators for national coherence in Ukraine.

ItemNumber of ItemsCost per ItemMonthly CostYearly Cost
Total Project A:3,404,700 USD
Teachers4400 USD per month    1,600 USD     19,200 USD
Initial Training1,50025 USD per person          ---     37,500 USD
Advanced Training1,00050 USD per person          ---     50,000 USD
Office Rent for Teaching200 sq.m. (2,200 sq.ft.)10 USD per sq.m.    2,000 USD     24,000 USD
Office Rent for Group Practice2,000 sq.m. (22,000 sq.ft.)5 USD per sq.m.  10.000 USD   120.000 USD
PPC Salary1,000250 USD per month250,000 USD3,000,000 USD
Research - Equipment110,000 USD          ---     10,000 USD
Research - Salaries7 peoplevariable  12.000 USD   144,000 USD

Note 1: From the group of 1,500 who receive initial training, a total of 1,000 will receive advanced training to ensure that at least 700 Professional Peace-Creators will always be practicing this program together each day. (According to theoretical models, 700 is the threshold group size needed to produce a measurable influence of peace in Ukraine.)

Note 2:
This budget is for only one year. Funds for subsequent years, i.e. for sustaining the project can be presented in a separate proposal. The plan for sustainability is briefly mentioned below in Project C.

Project B-1:  Buying Land to Build a Permanent Facility for the PPC Group (one-time cost)— Goal:  To purchase land for the permanent facility housing the PPC group.

After extensive land research and consideration of available resources, it was decided that available land outside Kiev would be ideal for the permanent PPC facility due to easy access to the capital city and significantly reduced costs just 30 km outside the city.

Total Land Cost for 10 Hectares:  500,000 USD

Project B-2:  Building a Permanent Facility for the PPC Group (one-time cost)— Goal:  To build a permanent facility that will house and support the group of at least 700 Professional Peace-Creators for Ukraine.

Facility requirements for 1,000 PPCs:

  • Group practice space: 2,000 sq.m.
  • Kitchen space: 400 sq.m.
  • Dining space: 900 sq.m.
  • Living space: 20,000 sq.m.

Total space needed: 23,300 sq.m.

Total Facility Cost:  23,300 sq.m.  x  300 USD/sq.m.  =  6,990,000 USD

Project C:  Building Sustainability— Goal:  To create a sustainable community so that outside funding will no longer be needed after the PPC group has been established and the permanent facility has been built.

The land outside Kiev that has been identified is fertile agricultural land. Since the PPCs’ daily time commitment to group practice is only half the day, the PPCs will have the rest of the day to work in a carefully planned organic agriculture project that will allow them to earn income and pay for their ongoing room and board – thereby sustaining the upkeep of the building and property.

Total Farm Equipment Cost:  1,500,000 USD

Note: These funds would not be needed all at once, but incrementally based on progress of the project.

Projects A (3,404,700 USD)  +  B (7,490,000 USD)  +  C (1,500,000 USD)  =  12,394,700 USD